Stephan Bodzin has been a hugely influential figure within the global techno scene for years.

Stephan Bodzin’s productions are described as driving, hypnotic constructions bound by a realistic and memorable sense of melodic entanglement. As a DJ, his storytelling approach has marked him as an impressive live specialist, creating mesmerizing, high impact soundtracks. Frequently appearing at renowned nightlife hotspots around the world, his status as a scene figure and luminary is widespread.

No stranger to DHA, Stephan Bodzin now prepares for his September 3rd performance at Pleinvrees Festival, where he will bring his electric touch to Amsterdam once again. Here, the multi-talented German dishes his thoughts on Amsterdam, Bremen, songfully dives into his approach to production, and mentions a few of his favorite festivals.

“The Dutch are some of the best and most euphoric partying people in the world.”

\Why are you based in Bremen versus, say, Berlin – what is unique about the city life there?
No scene going on here, but all my family and friends are here.
No clubs here, but it’s my home.
Nice river, okay Berlin has one too! But I’m a Weser-man.
No “meeting” with every lunch or dinner, let’s call it privacy.
Becks beer’s home too.
I was born here.
ah…and online working is possible now!

Let’s switch over to Amsterdam – what do you think is most special about music scene here?
Okay, that would be one to move to! 🙂 Honestly I think the Dutch are some of the best and most euphoric partying people in the world. As Amsterdam is their capital it shows all their facets. Some of the world´s best clubs / venues are based in and around Amsterdam and last but not least the ADE is with SONAR Barcelona the most sophisticated and important event in the industry. Okay and I love the fries.

To what extent were you involved in the Amsterdam club circuit in say the early to late 00s?
I’m not really involved in that these days. Nowadays I love the Marktkantine a lot for example.

After moving to Bremen, you became more in touch with the experimental theatre scene – creating works for established Goethe Theatre and Icarus Dancing-Theatre. Do you have plans to get in touch with the thriving performance art scene here in Amsterdam?
No, no plans to create anything like that again.

You had a performance at Awakenings in June, as well an upcoming gig at Pleinvrees in September. What’s your take on these large Amsterdam-based festivals?
It [Awakenings] was MAGIC. Now I’m looking forward to Loveland and Pleinvrees, expecting nothing less than madness and love for good music.

These big festivals really put the perspective of things into this large ‘dream state’. How do you think this type of platform is a catalyst for your music?
Actually, I personally find my music/performance better placed in small/medium clubs or venues. I always feel a bit lost when playing at these huge places. It doesn’t really provide a functional focused sound, but as Awakenings proved – it´s working quiet well and of course I’m super happy to be back on these kind of stages.