A lot of people go to these large festivals because they create a more openly defined social environment, all with some kind of neo-capitalist form of intimacy – and with some seeming more ‘dystopian’ than others. Do you think this form of partying is going in the right direction?
This is up to each one, there’s no right or wrong direction. I personally like Fusion festival’s attitude (for example) more than Tomorrowland’s, yes.

How would you compare your performances at bigger festivals to smaller more community-based ones?
Ah just mentioned that before, I guess my performance might be kind of similar, but the emotional and extro/introverted aspect of my music might be better experienced at those rather small events.

Do you ever feel challenged to curate something more specific to ’the environment’ or does your approach to a set always remain open?
My live show is actually kind of curated as it kind of sticks to a certain (even though flexible) timeline.

For my DJ sets I’m always well prepared, but absolutely open hearted and eyed for the event and it´s people´s mood.

You came out of a 5 year hiatus a while back – what was it exactly that made you inactive for so long?
I have been active touring, living, loving, partying, and….okay, looking for the right moment to finish a track I finally love again.

There were times around 2011/12 I seriously doubted to write any music again in life but that´s just showing my love for music kind of… I just didn´t want to release anything which is not 100% my next baby; just to release something instead to push my market performance. I’m not like that.

Do you have any new projects or collaboration announcements you’d like to share?
New album coming 2017.
New live show coming 2017.
Working on new music with my lovely girl Luna.
Studio time with Marc Romboy blocked for Autumn.
Travelling around with that 73 VW Bus.
Drinking less beck´s beer (ha, I’m just kidding).

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