A piece of high-tech gear that is used for scouting combat areas in war zones, has been put to entirely different use in Las Vegas last weekend. At a hotel pool party, people could hire a drone that delivers their bottles of booze to them.

Las Vegas is not a city known for its subtlety. It’s one of the wildest and luxurious places to party – if you show the right amount of money, that is. It has been a favourite spot for high rollers as far back as when Sinatra was still rocking the grand hotel lobbies of the Caesar and the Bellagio. But next to Avicii and Skrillex taking over the stage as time went by, so has technological advancement upped the decadence in Sin City since last weekend.

Guests of the Cosmopolitan Hotel’s fancy Marquee Day Club could for the first time rent the butler drone, which is operated by two people: a cameraman and a pilot. Guests who have decided to get their booze on in style also get proof to boast to their friends on social media because with every trip it makes, the drone takes a picture of them just before the bottle exchange.

If you are planning on going there sometime then book the flying waiter way in advance due to high demand. And make sure you have enough money in the bank, since the drone bottle service costs $20.000 a day (bottles not included).

[youtube id=”KnnvlkGSl0o” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Source: ABC News