Tagtraum Industries Beatgauge is looking to fill the gap between iTunes and auto BPM software.

The Cologne based indie software shop’s Beatgauge, a new music utility for Mac OS X. Beatgauge automatically calculates BPM (beats per minute) for songs stored in iTunes. Implemented as drag’n’drop app, Beatgauge is dead-simple to use: Simply drop songs onto the app window and watch Beatgauge do its magic. Knowing the tempo of songs is important for dancers, DJs, spinning, aerobics, running, and many other beat-oriented activities and workouts.

Whether a single track, playlist, or your whole library, Beatgauge offers a built-in and extremely quick way to make use of that unused BPM column accurately, and within iTunes.

– Very simple, intuitive user interface
– BPM values are imported into iTunes
– Quickly finds and analyzes songs without BPM
– Multi-threaded analysis that makes perfect use of multi-core processors
– Supports all local, unprotected iTunes audio file formats
– AppleScript API for power users


Source: DJ Worx