Taken from his forthcoming “She Thought She Would Last Forever” LP, Abstraxion returns to his own Biologic imprint with ‘Spazieren’.

Abstraxion’s career has already seen many highlights, two of which have been the label he runs with Belgian producer DC Salas reaching its ten year anniversary this year and playing in some of the best clubs in the world. With “She Thought She Would Last Forever,” Abstraxion’s second LP contrasts themes of melancholia and explores the tension between expectation and reality, stretching dark and dystopian atmosphere alongside an overarching and swelling euphoria.

As it stands, ‘Spazieren’ is a 10-minute leisurely passage through dystopia that has been crafted
with finesse. With a special remix package available next month that features Ripperton, Mattheis, Conforce and INIT giving their own takes on the forthcmoing LP’s single, explorative nature of the album is on full display.

“Spazieren” is available 12 September & “She Thought She Would Last Forever” is available 10 October on Biologic Records

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