Bellville and Fabio Montana join forces for the first time to release their Time Machine EP via the label Incroyable, with a remix produced by the UK-based artist Third Son.

Highly recommended amongst other artists, Third Son transforms ‘Time Machine‘ into a remix that stands out on its own. The entire EP features one single and two remixes from Third Son and Hush & Sleep. His version is intends to be more driving and dramatic, with spraying synths and chugging drums painting a marching groove.

Within one year of conception since 2015, Third Son was touring the globe and releasing on highly regarded labels such as Noir Music, Einmusika and Sincopat, while developing his own brand of electronic music from his London studio. Alongside his busy touring schedule, he has releases locked in on home and novel labels, such as Stil Vor Talent, and a full concept album.

Time Machine EP will be released April 15th via Incroyable label.

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