Daniel Bortz is not a big fan of recless experiments, making his new release even more interesting: Daniel’s breaking his own rule of not having his own tracks remixed. When you make a choice like that after such a long time, you don’t just let any old producer to get the job done. That’s why he has chosen Tuff City Kids to remix the track ‘Pictures’ from his 2013 EPPatchwork Memories’. And here you have the chance to catch an exclusive first glimpse of what’s coming.

Tuff City Kids is a production duo consisting of Phillip Lauer and Gerd Janson. Ordinarily, you would put J before L to preserve alphabetical order, but in this case the amount of work done by Lauer necessitates some sort of nod – rhetorically or otherwise. In the first part of their career Philip and Gerd had been focusing largely on remix commisions. Not paying too much attention to original production. But in 2012 the saw the time tight for people to hear what they sound like when making the music from scratch, and ‘Bobby Tacker’ EP was released on Ostgut‘s house sublabel Unterton.

‘Pictures’ is part of an upcoming EP named ‘Patchwork Memories Remixes’, a 4-part work consisting of other remixes of Bortz’ work by the likes of Acid Pauli, Nu and Bostro Pesopeo. The ep also has a 12″ club rework by Daniel Bortz himself, of his track ‘Monkey Biznizz’.

Patchwork Memories Remixes EP is out on the 25th of April.

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