Madrid based electro enthusiasts, Fundamental Records present to us a homage to Edward Upton – DMX Krew exclusively on DHA.

Taking his illustrious discography and creating a 12×12″ product presented in an old school record shop bag, to celebrate 20 years of putting out fine slabs of wax. The record includes rares and remixes by Aphex TwinCyclob, Lotek Style, Aux 88, Di’JitalJodey Kendrick and Brian Ellis.

The label will press a limited number of copies for the normal version, with each copy coming with a cool classic, old-school record shop bag. However, the special edition is limited to 111 units.  The special edition comes with two slip mats, a t-shirt and the twelve records (including one which is a 7″).  To top it all off, its gently placed into a nice box appearing as a replica Oberheim DMX – manufactured with clear plexiglass and wooden sides.

DMX Krew1995-2015 is available now via Fundamental Records.

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