Scottish native Lord Of The Isles has been turning heads on more discerning dance floors since a string of well received releases on the likes of Adult Contemporary, American Standard, Ene Records, Permanant Vacation, Firecracker and ESP Institute.

The Lord of the Isles sound sits somewhere between Planet E and mid tempo soulful house, with squelches and bubbles in all the right places. In all his productions and sets, listeners are taken from Detroit, to Chicago to New York and across the pond to the Balearics.

Here, Lord of the Isles deliciously chugging version of Lizard‘s ‘Aloof’ is today’s exclusive premiere. On this track, gurgling bass and marching handclaps are dowsed in dramatic synth sweeps and glacial tones, as the good Lord takes us on a monumental ride.

“Seperate Ways” is available 17 March on FutureBoogie Recordings

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