The history of Detroit music is rich with artists whose inspiration grew from the dichotomy of religious communion and secular concerns.

But it’s not just legends of the past who have infused their worldly works with spiritual sounds. Many of Detroit’s most prominent techno producers of today have also been touched by the gospel spirit, including Trackmaster Lou and his colleagues who make up Scan 7. Having emerged as lieutenants in the fierce sci-fi political milieu of Underground Resistance in the early 90s, they have added a new source of righteous energy to power the unit’s latest release, the “Test of Time” EP.

The EP features four tracks moved by the sound of Detroit’s ministries. ‘Sunday On Saturday‘ captures the duality perfectly, both in the title and within the grooves, featuring a bouncing house beat that bursts open with the addition of a swelling organ melody at the halfway point.

‘Test of Time’ is available 16 July on Transmat Records

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