Speaking Minds has a slick tech, funk and dub heavy house sound that has seen his music get plays from names like Dixon and Mano Le Tough.

He has released on the likes of AEON and Music Autonomica and is now part of the global DJ circuit, playing all the key clubs and festivals. Here, leading Canadian imprint My Favorite Robot welcome Speaking Minds back for a third time, two years after the Italian’s previous EP on the label, linking up with this time with Amarcord.

From the package, today’s premiere is the Rave Mix of ‘Mermaid’s Chant,’ a brilliantly trippy and transcendental version, with rolling snares bringing tension and celestial voices floating way up.

“Mermaid’s Chant” is available 22 June on My Favorite Robot Records

Soundcloud – Speaking Minds Artist Page – Speaking Minds Soundcloud – Amarcord