Chicago House legends Chosen Few DJs received blessings from perhaps the most famous Chicagoan of them all over the weekend, President Barack Obama.

Michelle and I are sorry we can’t be home with all the house heads in Jackson Park today,” Obama explains. “We’re having a 4th of July get together of our own at the White House, with some of America’s finest servicemen and women, and their families, but I still wanted to wish the Chosen Few DJs and all of you a happy 4th of July, and a happy 25th anniversary, Chosen Few Picnic. Love you Chicago! Enjoy the fireworks.

The Chosen Few was originally founded as the “Chosen Few Disco Corp.” by DJ Wayne Williams in 1977 and boasts a roster that includes Jesse Saunders, Alan King, Tony and Andre Hatchett.  In 2006, the group added its first new member in nearly 30 years, DJ and producer Terry Hunter, and in 2012 welcomed Mike Dunn. The collective has also been throwing their annual “Chosen Few Old School Reunion Picnic” since 1990, and it has grown into one of the largest music festival events in Chicago, with an estimated attendance of around 40,000.

President Obama, a noted fan of House music, spearheaded (as then-Senator of Illinois) the campaign to make August 25th Frankie Knuckles Day in Chicago, and he and his wife, Michelle, offered their condolences in a letter, the day Knuckles passed away.