The shit show that is the 2016 US Presidential election pretty much has one redeeming quality (nee: person), in the form of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Unfortunately, those Feeling the Bern may be left without much to happy happy for with a rigged system heavily leaning toward the double headed monster that is Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Still though, with its high delegate count, the state of California does provide something of a silver lining.

With virtually all remaining electoral focus on the US most populated state, Bernie Sanders wide range of entertainment supporters are pulling out all the stops in support of their beloved Democratic Socialist and included in those are a few dance music icons. Dance Music Hippie & DJ Tommie Sunshine has curated the #RaveforBernie compilation, which features the likes of Bassnectar, ill-esha, Justin and Christian Martin, Reid Speed, Z-Trip, and, of course, Sunshine himself.

On the compilation, Sunshine says “This compilation is important to me for two reasons…One is to rally support around a man who is trying to change our world for the better. Two is simply to show that electronic music artists can galvanize around a cause and change the conversation within our scene. Each artist involved here is passionate about Bernie and isn’t afraid to be vocal about it. I believe this is important because California has the chance to show the world that we want real change. Enjoy this music and please vote on June 7th.”

Furthermore, out in LA on Sunday, many of the city’s favorite DJs will throw LA’s Berning, a party featuring the likes of Droog, Eduardo Castillo, Mr. C, Mikey Lion, and more at Sound Nightclub. All proceeds go to the Bernie Sanders campaign, so get out there and do the right the America!

Source: Billboard