Announced Wednesday, Playboy, famous for naked girls and a handful of quality writing, will be getting into music streaming with the launch of a new app.

Playboy Music will run on all smartphones and tablets. Its procedure is pretty simple, you select songs, they play, and scantily clad women react on screen (not sure what “react” means, so I can only assume they will be solving word hunger and the likes…no, I lied…they’ll e dancing around in their underwear…).

In a statement of particular profundity, the apps Creative Director Jeff LaPenna boldly states, “The models are more than just sexy…They are the focal point of a narrative that connects beauty with music in a way that men will enjoy and women will find empowering.”

The announcement does comes as the media empire undergoes significant changes, including the elimination of nudity on its pages. In fact, the magazine relaunched featuring EDM DJ Mija as their cover star earlier in the year. Still though, with a music app that doesn’t even mention track names or artists, rather supplying “original music videos,” aka music playing while women in various stages of undress casually roll about, its hard to believe that music is its central focus.

Source: Electronic Beats