A new video game set in Berlin’s Berghain takes a look at a dystopian future if the Cold War never ended.

The “techno spy thriller” ‘All Walls Must Fall,’ set in the year 2089, depicts a world where the Berlin Wall never came down and the Cold War has been affecting humanity for 150 years. In it, US and Soviet secret service agents travel through time preventing a nuclear winter all while partying in the iconic techno haven.

The game was developed by inbetweengames.com, a Berlin based gaming company whose previous project was the acclaimed ‘Mammoth,’ ‘All Walls Must Fall’ aim is “to explore the meaning of freedom in a parable reflecting upon current global issues in the mirror of a fantastic future past,” as an isometric action tactics game.

The game is also a love letter to the city of Berlin, with inbetweengames’ David and Isaac saying, “I’ve always thought Berlin was an underused setting in video games. There’s been a few games set here, but I’ve never really felt they captured the city too well – or at least, the city that we live in today,” specifically describing their approach as, “We make a point of seeking out things that we have access to here and research them thoroughly so we can recreate an impression of them in the game. Like the current club culture which really started with the wall coming down and historic sites and museums covering the time period of when the city was divided.”

Though the nightlcub where the time traveling agents convene and ultimately do their thing is not specifically Berghain, the team acknlowdedges the heavy influence it had on their design, explaining how they attended Berghain because, “at the end of the day, what I’ve always loved about this city and its nightlife is how unpretentious it can be. Just be comfortable with yourself, your skin, and who you love, and you’ll be very welcome here I’m sure”.

Check out some screenshots and artwork from ‘All Walls Must fall’ below. A prelimiary version is scheduled for Fall 2016 with a completed version coming in 2017.

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Source: Tsugi