The love Mees Dierdorp holds for the entire spectrum of music’s modern capabilities is overtly evident the minute the needle drops on a DJ set, original production or remix. Soulfully warm with interjections of poetry, improvisation and even analogue acoustics, Mees’ driving bass and swinging hi hats have brought him renown around the world, and all within an incredibly abridged span of time. Invitations to the likes of DC10’s Circo Loco have become commonplace in a year that has seen Mees enjoy critical success with his artist album Wild Windows (on his own imprint, a haven for like-minded artists, MEES Records), as well as acclaimed EP’s on renowned labels such as Poesie Musik and Eskimo Recordings.

Pushing all the right buttons (no pun intended) in 2014, the New Year brings with it touring dates throughout The Netherlands, Germany, UK and beyond. From the festival filler to the warehouse groove, the inherent warmth of Mees Dierdorp’s tech house sounds are sure to continue making lasting impressions on even the most discernable dance music aficionado.

With the massive success of 2013’s year-end event, the good people at Straf_Werk have once again decided to hold their closing soiree in Amsterdam on December 30th. Featuring a lineup stacked full of Dutch nightlife staples and International favorites, the New Year’s celebration comes early for all those attending this one-of-a-kind night. Alongside globe trotting headliners George Fitzergarld, Agoria, Adriatique, Finnebassen and 2014 track-of the-year producer Patrick Topping (Forget), the techno stylings of Gerd, De Sluwe Vos, Job Jobse, Prunk, Tsepo and Kerk! bring the deeper sounds of Dutch dance to Transformatorhuis, Westerunie andWesterliefde. Mees Dierdorp, rounds out this impressive lineup as another local DJ hero whose star is undeniably on the rise and a man we are eager for the world to meet.

Through well known to crowds around The Netherlands, the possibility remains that many outside Dutch nightlife have yet to experience Mees Dierdorp’s eclectic talents. With that, we present a special Straf_Werk Closing Podcast, compiled and mixed by Mees for your listening pleasure.

Ring in the New Year early with Mees Dierdorp, Straf_Werk & Deep House Amsterdam and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on the mix!


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