German electronic music staple and label boss Sven Väth is set to re-release his seminal track ‘Electrica Salsa’ with a 4-track remix EP.

“I was most happy about the great success we had with ‘Electrica Salsa’ in Ibiza and Italy, where we actually made number one… Ibiza was the greatest source of inspiration. We flew down there every year in the eighties, the Island really had a strong influence on us with its eclectic sounds at the times. The Balearic Sound was a mix of Italo Disco, Wave, Funk and African Percussion. We wanted to become part of it – and I still am today! Thirty years on that fire is still glowing and that’s the reason why we released new mixes: they are a gift to my fans that have been accompanying me for such a long time.”

The track was first released back in 1986, when Sven was a 21-year old member of OFF and changed the face of electronic music in European pop culture. Now, 30 years later, Sven has enlisted 2 fellow veterans of the German electronic music scene, Henrik Schwarz and Roman Flügel to rework his acclaimed track.

“Electrica Salsa” is available 25 July on Cocoon



Electrica Salsa – Henrik Schwarz Dub Version
Electrica Salsa – Henrik Schwarz Remix
Electrica Salsa – Roman Flügel Remix
Electrica Salsa – Henrik Schwarz Radio Edit
Electrica Salsa – Original

Sven Vath