If you’ve ever been less than enthusiastic about the album art accompanying your online downloads, never fear because a new service is changing the way we interact with the visuals of online music.

Whitestone, essentially acts like a social network, where users are able to follow friends, favourite artists, or websites in order to receive an updated stream of what is being listened to much like Soundcloud’s personal stream. What is revolutionary about Whitestone, however, is its platform where artists are able to release complete, full screen audio/visual experiences to accompany their work.

By giving listeners access to touch gestures, as well as other inputs, the art becomes interactive, taking the experience of listening to audio to new heights. As music streaming platforms are not built for such interactive releases, Whitestone, the platform, bridges that gap. With this, the possibilities for users is endless, but the artists themselves are also not forgotten with Whitestone. Paid memberships directly supporting the artists will be offered in the near future, as well as the ability to “tip” artists, which provides 10 cent donations that build over time.

On 30 August Whitsetone will release their Kickstarter campaign to fund the future of the platform.  As they say themselves, “We are creating the first platform for interactive music experiences and we are funding it on Kickstarter! No venture capital, no major labels ownership – Artists and music fans, that’s it”. In the meantime you can follow Whitestone on Thunderclap.

For more information, check out the video below and visit the website.