Horizon and Kaap A’dam, two event organizers from the Amsterdam scene with a knack for up-and-coming & extraordinary artists, are touching down on the beloved Woodstock beach venue in Bloemendaal for one of the final, sun-laden summer celebrations under the musical guidance of three superbly selected acts, including revered Trouw resident Job Jobse, all-round selector Mr. Ties and disco/italo fanatics duo Discodromo.

Horizon has been around for a couple of years now, profiling themselves as an underground haven for eclectic DJs who are impossible to pigeonhole. Like Iranian-born resident Reza Athar who has been shaking up the scene via Horizon’s platform. This won’t be the first time Horizon has swapped their usual dark, sweaty dance floors for beach venue Woodstock, and it sure won’t be the last. But you can be sure that this party will turn out just as intimate as their indoor events.

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Kaap Amsterdam is equally fond of throwing small-scale get togethers, predominantly in upcoming location Cruquiusgilde in the east of the city, as well as popular sweatbox Closure. The organization has thrown parties featuring artists like Massimiliano Pagliara, Genius Of Time, Call Super, but also proudly book their residents such as Carlos Valdes and Tim Hoeben.

Mr. Ties was a clear choice for both promoters after witnessing the German DJ during his set in the final days of Club Trouw. Expect a mix of funk-oriented house, disco and acid along with weird and unexpected yet beautiful surprises. Discodromo has been making name for themselves on the release end, shaking up labels such as BPitch Control, Dissident, Slow Motion for over eight years. To get an idea of their DJing style, though, you can best watch their Boiler Room.

Rounding up the evening will be Amsterdam favourite Job Jobse who realy needs no introduction anymore. Just the fact that this fanboy turned booker turned DJ has had pretty much exclusively  bookings outside of The Netherlands in the past months speaks volumes of the incredible path Jobse is currently endeavouring.

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