While working as in-house photographer for iconic 90s dance music magazine Frontpage, photographer Tilman Brembs was able to capture nearly a decade’s worth of parties, from Berlin to Hong Kong, Las Vegas to Tokyo.

Shot on glorious 35mm, Brembs 20,000+ photograph archives of 90s era rave culture features DJs like Carl Cox, Goldie, Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, Armand Van Helden, and Boy George, as well as a host of the world’s first and quite possibly best dance events like Mayday, Tresor and Love Parade. Of course, the beating heart of Tilman Bends’ is his chronicling of those who made the party what it was, the fans; many of which have no documentation of this era.

Of the project, as well as his approach to photography, Brembs states:

“My photos are a kind of ‘visualised confirmation of existence’. The ‘I was there’ effect sets in and the children or grandchildren can see what the ‘oldies’ were up to. Nostalgia doesn’t come up, rather a kind of recognition it’s the same with childhood pictures, where you know exactly what color the wallpaper had or which toy did what. We have definitely lived through an important and irretrievable time and I do not want to miss a minute. It was our party…”

Below is just a sample of Tilman Brembs work, of which you can find much more at zeitmaschine.org and its associated Facebook page.

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Source: Hunger TV

All Photos: Tilman Brembs