Best memory from that weekend?
Oh that must have been the moment I shared with Seth in De Natte Cel. Seth had just finished his all-nighter and he rang me up asking me where I was. I had just come back from a gig abroad. We met at my place where we had a little party and had ourselves a couple of treats.

The same night we went back to the club, totally spaced out, and Prins Thomas was playing De Natte Cel. Seth and I were standing in the middle of the crowd, listening to his records, and they were absolutely fucking incredible. I might have known one in every twenty of the records he played. It was pure magic, and I don’t know why buy I just grabbed Seth’s hand in the experience. There we were, holding hands, both with this huge smile on our face, nearly crying [laughs].

Haha what a sight that must have been.

Next week will see the third edition of DGTL Festival, where you’ll be playing at peak-time. What can we expect musically?
I rarely prepare a set extensively, but you’ll definitely hear a lot of cool new stuff, mostly house, that’s gonna be released on Voyage in the near future. A little taste of what’s coming.

Finally let’s talk about something that happened last year. All of a sudden music media were starting to publish a story about you having overslept for a meeting with Madonna. It turned out to be a fake story. How did the fable originate and who was responsible for it?
It was my way of proving that news media these days will write any old bullshit without double-checking it first. So I was hosting my own stage at Valtifest last year, and every stage had a theme revolving around the seven sins. The sin of my stage was sloth. The idea was to create gossip at the backstage area at every stage, and to see how far that bit of gossip would reach out into the world and the media in particular.

So as we had sloth, we came up with the oversleeping idea, and then include a big name so it would have extra impact. Madonna was the perfect choice as she’s always looking out for collaboration with new artists and everything. And that was that. The rumour was started and started to live outside of the festival in the next days. MTV even reported on it. At one point my grandma called me up – mad as hell – telling me that we “don’t oversleep for appointments in this family” [laughs].

And nobody asked you if it was true or not?
They did, and I kept it in the middle for the first two months, so the news stayed online for a pretty long period of time. [MTV still hasn’t taken the trouble to take the news piece down].

Mission accomplished?
You bet. It’s amazing to see the carelessness with which seemingly professional organizations handle their sources. Don’t believe anything you read! I mean come on, who would oversleep for an appointment with the queen of pop? Are you out your mind!?

Tom Trago will be playing at DGTL Festival’s Stereo Stage on Sunday. DGTL Festival is officially sold-out. There are still tickets available for the opening night however.

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