February is running to its end, so it’s high time to start covering the top 10 releases for this month. Featuring cuts from artists such as Maxxi Soundsystem, Kurt Baggaley, Life On Planets and Good Guy Mikesh. Here’s your dose of quality music for February.

#10 Mr KS – Take A Trip EP | Music Is Love Records | Out now |

Mr Ks aka Jean-Pierre Baroni is one of the latest emerging talents from French electronic music, alongside a new generation of artists from France who are making a serious impact on the house and techno world. A student of classic Chicago and French house, Mr KS dishes up an exemplary 4-track EP on the ever-impressive Music Is Love label, complete with high-grade remixes from French compatriot Mr G and label boss Oli Furness.

Mr KS – Take A Trip (Original Mix)

#09 Primal – Boundaries EP | Just This | Out now |

Primal is an Icelandic electronic music producer and Dj based in Copenhagen. The past few years, Primal has been involved with an electronic music project by the name of Kúra, featuring the Icelandic singer Fanney Osk.

Kúra, which became a widely recognized electronic act in northern Europe, offered an opportunity to explore new areas, ideas and genres. He eventually got introduced to the underground techno society by Just This crew. Check out a Lulu Rouge’s remix of Hurrican of the track Hurricane below.

Primal – Hurricane (Lulu Rouge Remix)

#08 Memoryman aka Uovo – Love EP | Flashmob Ltd. | Out now |

Flashmob present the debut release on Flashmob Ltd which has been set up to showcase highlights from their sets that need sharing with the world! Memoryman delivers an awesome emotional adventure featuring a classic vocal that’ll have the club falling in love all over again. Underground but accessible club weapons for the global groove.

Memoryman aka Uovo – Love (Original Mix)

#07 SB – The Washint EP | Lossless | Out now |

New year, new artwork, new music. Lossless is starting 2015 with a straight-up banging EP by SB – one half of SBTH. ‘The Washint EP’ is a three-track thriller with plenty of hooks tension and excitement as we’re accustomed to by the German imprint. The EP is showcasing the various shades of contemporary futuristic House music as it’s ranging from neat, clean and synth driven to hypnotic in this gem called ‘Matters of Depth’, which you can listen to in full after pressing play.

Full Premiere: SB – Matters of Depth (Original Mix)

#06 Kurt Baggaley – Former Self EP | SoHaSo | Out now |

The Drifter is Mark Flynn, an Irish producer, DJ and singer. After an upbringing dabbling in different musical pursuits, from bands and choirs to folk and traditional, a love for electronic music was born from ventures into Dublin’s nightlife. A move to Berlin ensued soon after.

Out on SoHaSo, the remix that The Drifter has put together of the Kurt Baggaley original Former Self is a deep and intoxicating cut. Released on the catalogue number SoHaSo 005, this track will surely be heard throughout the soundsystems of Europe during the next few months

Full Premiere: Kurt Baggaley – Former Self (The Drifter Remix)

#05 Mano Le Tough, Marcus Worgull, DJ Tennis, Vermont – The Other Versions | Kompakt | Out now |

Following the vintage disco magick remix EP by Prinz Thomas, the much-acclaimed dance floor connoisseurs Mano Le Tough, DJ Tennis and Marcus Worgull go for a second round of reworks of Vermont’s full-length.

Vermont – Uebersprung (Mano Le Tough Mix)

#04 Cubicolor – Magnum EP | Anjunadeep | Out now |

Amsterdam-based Cubicolor’s first release of 2015, the “Magnum EP” sees them develop their warm, indie-leaning melodic sound with three outstanding cuts first heard in their recent Anjunadeep Edition mix. Title track “Magnum” is a luscious rolling juggernaut, driven by head-in-the-clouds melodies and anthemic, glowing chords.

Full Premiere: Cubicolor – Magnum (Original Mix)

#03 Life on Planets – Fata Morgana | Better On Foot | Out now |

A stellar single by the upcoming duo Life On Planets, bound to make an impact with other release Fork In The Path.

Life on Planets – Fata Morgana (Original Mix)

#02 Maxxi Soundsystem – Medicine EP | Culprit LA | Out now |

A proper strike by internationally acclaimed Maxxi Soundsystem. His Medicine EP on Culprit is a banger and a gives us a peek into what the future of dance music will sound like.

Maxxi Soundsystem – Fading Thought (Original Mix)

#01 Good Guy Mikesh – Year Of The Horse | Riotvan | Out now |

Whenever Good Guy Mikesh drops new material on Riotvan, you’d better prick up your ears. Even though it’s been a while already, his last Riotvan release „No Other“ in collaboration with Filburt still makes our ears ring as one of the most unchallengeable house hymns of the last years. The current EP admittedly triggers the craving for sing-alongs a bit less. Instead, it formulates a self-confident outline of a very own electrified and blurred conception of the term house in all kinds of shades.

Good Guy Mikesh – Power Plant (Original Mix)