Voices of Black is an American duo consisting of Jules Born Randolph and Baba Doherty. Randolph and Doherty met in high school and began recording music together as teenagers. After spending a few years touring Europe, Latin America and the US as DJs, the 23 year olds are ready to establish themselves as an original live act.

Unique is how to describe this group of talented young fellas got inspired by beautiful woman and Fashion for their album ‘Plastic dolls’, an experimental album where camera clicks, crowd noises, catwalk runways and interviews with nice models all put together and used as inspiration for the album what led to a deep experimental album. This all happened after in 2009, Voices of Black self-released their initial departure from their hip hop roots ‘Tomorrow’s Today’. In 2010 they were introduced to the NYC based record label and artistic collective known as Wolf+Lamb by Nicolas Jaar, a former classmate of Doherty.

Now they are working on a new album, to which we are very much looking forward. For now you have to do it with this special mix they made for us.