A musical epiphany came when Juliet Fox discovered Chicago House and Detroit Techno in her early teens – her love for the sounds of this raw, jacking underground music drew her to dig deeper into its history, amassing a record collection from labels like Trax, Dance Mania and Cajual.

Quickly setting up her own record label in Attraction Music, and a radio show on Bloop.fm, Juliet instantly gained a stronghold in the London scene with residencies in the capital city & regular performances at clubs like Fire & The Egg.

But it is on the production front where Juliet’s creativity really shines. Showcasing her innate musicality, Juliet uses her own vocals in a unique style to create deep, dark techno and tech house with an addictive edge. This originality has seen her music signed to the likes of Cajual, Toolroom and Love & Other, and has resulted in collaborations with the likes of Green Velvet and Sonny Fodera.

Over the bank holiday weekend, May 28 & 29, Juliet Fox will be a part of the massive We Are FSTVL, where she plays Sunday’s Paravana Project stage. The much loved festival will feature over 200 of dance music’s finest artists across 16 bespoke stages, as 50,000 fans converge in London. To get us ready for that epic event, Juliet has provided us with this exclusive podcast.

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It’s said that you got into this scene after discovering the sounds of Chicago House and Detroit Techno. How did this introduction come about growing up in Australia?
I was born in Adelaide which has a very small house music scene, but from about the age of 16 I was already heading out to probably the only two underground clubs there, Minky Bar (now Electric Circus) and Q Bar (now Sugar) which really influenced me musically. Australia was always very behind on music, especially Adelaide, so I made regular trips to Melbourne before deciding to move to Ibiza and then the UK in 2010.

You also spent a summer dedicated to Ibiza in 2010, what was this experience like? How did you promote yourself? What was the most difficult aspect of it all? What was the most satisfying?
I had only really started to DJ a year before I decided to move overseas, but I knew this was the best way to really delve deep and find my true sound, and be able to play the music I wanted. I heard so many crazy stories about Ibiza, and had to experience it for myself! I had such an amazing time in Ibiza, experiencing all the different clubs the island has to offer, and just worked hard networking, making friends and getting to know the right people, before long I was playing out regularly from daytime events and boat parties through to club sets at some of the best spots on the island. I then moved to Birmingham in the UK for 6 months after Ibiza, which has such good scene, and met so many talented and amazing people. Both places really opened my eyes to what was out there club and music wise.

What are some exciting things you have planned for this summer, professional or otherwise…?
This summer I am really focusing on my production and playing in my new home town Berlin, around Germany and Europe. I have some forthcoming gigs in the U.S, Finland, Greece, Sri Lanka and India, then of course regular shows in Berlin and a festival near Cologne in August, not forgetting the upcoming set at We Are FSTVL which I’m really excited about! I’m also planning to tour back in Australia and Asia towards the end of summer… so all business this year! I’m really focused and working on a lot of new music, and have some great collaborations coming out soon.

From Ibiza you moved on to London and, now, Berlin, how would you compare these two dance music meccas?
I love travelling which really encourages me musically, with new surroundings, and meeting new people. I think it’s the best way to really get to know yourself and develop your own character. I seem to be moving every couple of years at the moment! But Berlin had been on the cards for years, so I literally packed up all my stuff in London and just moved without really telling anyone. It’s been the best move for me and I really feel like I have found my sound. Everyone here is an artist, musician or producer which is just so inspiring, and you don’t feel pressured to be in any kind of 9-5 routine, instead just work when you want, go out to clubs when you want and really create your own vibe.

This May Bank Holiday you’ll be in London for We Are FSTVL. What is your relationship like with this event? Have you played before?
This is actually my first time playing at We Are FSTVL, and my first UK festival so I’m really looking forward to it! I played for We Are WHSE last year in September for a Toolroom Live show in London which was amazing so I know this will be just as good, if not better ☺


1. Bambook – The Storm (Original Mix)
2. Spencer K – Hard Struggle (Original Mix)
3. Onno – Because I (Ninetoes Remix)
4. Audiojack – Stutter (Original Mix)
5. Metodi Hristov – Transform Your Language (Original Mix)
6. Sakro – Everybody Dies Young (LYE Remix)
7. Sven Tasnadi – Waste Time (Original Mix)
8. Lee Davon – Looped Dance (Original Mix)
9. Burnski – Changes (Dub Mix)
10. Alex Ground – Sonar Week (Original Mix)
11. Mat.Joe – Sure Shot (Original Mix)

28 + 29 May | We Are FSTVL | Tickets | Upminster, London