Over the weekend, two instances of love in times of techno went down, highlighting a life’s worth of companionship with a proper soundtrack to match.

First off, on Saturday, the reigning king & queen of techno made it official, tying the knot and partying in style afterwards. Adam Beyer took to his Facebook to announces that he and longtime partner Ida Engberg had just been married and, if that wasn’t enough, were heading straight to Berghain to celebrate. “Yeeeeeeeeees!!!!! Just got married to the woman of my dreams! All is full of love!,” Beyer posted, going on with, “we’re off to Berghain tomorrow to celebrate, so pretty decent line-up.”


Next up, Sunday night at London’s fabric, saw the other end of the spectrum. As Adam and Ida celebrated the kick off of their life together, a longtime Polish couple looked to have an all night session at the club’s WetYouSelf event. After reading a review of fabric online, the 70 year old couple decided it was a place they wanted to visit while enjoying their time in London. But, not only visit, they showed up at doors open around 9am and managed a more than respectful departure time of 5am (although, rumor has it, they looked to close the place at 6am). When noticed by fabric resident DJ Jacob Husley, the couple was given an open bar, to which they enjoyed two tequila shots before switching over to tea.


Photo Credit: Alex Ho Photography