Having “developed a custom lens-to-lens system for capturing and delivering live and on-demand virtual reality experiences in true broadcast quality,” a California company promises that streaming Dj sets and festival experiences may soon be a (virtual) reality.

The company, NextVR, who have been quite prominent int he sporting arena, have now branched into live performance, streaming with Live Nation to stream events. Also partnered are Comcast Ventures, Time Warner, and Fox Sports. But, where the sporting stream lacks, audio, is where NextVR is honing there focus with a new “proprietary 3D VR audio platform”.

So far the technology is available for GearVR and compatible Samsung phones, transmitting live high definition, three-dimensional virtual reality content over the Internet delivering a completely immersive and life-like experience for the viewer.

So far the company has raised a significant $35.5 million for the next step of their technology.

Source: EDMTunes