Google’s ‘Deep Dream’ algorithm is relatively new, but since the company made it open source, the program’s freakish results on images are starting to become a favourite tool for online artists to play around with, the results often displayed in social media news feeds and blogs.

What Deep Dream does is:

“simulate a neural network where you can train the AI to draw what it sees from what it has been learning through studying different pictures. When you see pictures with weird animal shapes and eyes it’s because images were given to the AI to study first- so if you give it a picture of a cloud it’s going to try and find a pattern it already learned and apply that to what it thinks a cloud looks like” [ELI5]

A few days ago, THUMP USA rendered some press shots of DJs through the algorithm and came up with some truly horrifying pictures of David Guetta and Calvin Harris. This got us to upload some of underground dance music’s most prominent members. How many of the artists from the Deep Dream images below can you guess?

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