“You might have heard that it’s a big party with lots of grown ups drinking alcohol and walking around naked. But really it’s a lot more than that… That’s just a little bit of it.”

A nine-year old Burning Man veteran (yes, veteran) was given the opportunity to spread her experience and the philosophy behind the world famous festival, and to tell people how it has inspired her.

Albuquerque (New Mexico) junior citizen Julia Wolfe is strikingly brave and cool in her presentation skills at a mere nine years, as can be seen in this TED given by her in late 2014. Julia had already been taken to France, Mexico and Russia in her short life, but her dad has raised this girl in an even more special way over the years by taking her to Burning Man every year.

Julia explains in her 5-minute talk some of her experiences in the desert. Like how everybody should make an effort to be part of the spectacle and not just be a spectator. Or the three biggest lessons that she has learned there: to share, to be self-sufficient and to recycle. Perhaps more parents should take their kids to Burning Man, or at least teach them some of the basic principles of the BM community. For now, we’d just like to recommend Julia for a coolest kid of the year award. Here’s the full video:

Source: Mixmag