To those who have never raved at AWW, we’d like to provide you our insight on the festival’s experience.

Upon arrival, you’ll enter a small, cosy town blazoned with relaxing vibes and 1969 Woodstock nostalgia. The spacious park allows ravers to chill, dance, and enlighten their inner-social-butterfly, while the beautiful surroundings invite everyone to soak up a holiday feeling. As for the stages – each one has its own comfort and aesthetic.

At one moment you may feel like a modern-day raver version of St. Francis of Assisi, partying alongside a 12th century monastery, while another moment you’ll be shuffling the sand between your toes inside of what seems to be Wilbur’s Barn. At night, sand footsie in the barn is still an option – although many migrate to the centrally-placed bunker to unleash their dance fury.

Being just a 1.5 hour drive from Amsterdam, the green grass, blue water, and medieval surroundings set the tone for one hell of a party. The ancient grounds will be divided into three areas and a camping area. Sleeping is completely optional.

It goes without saying that artists such as Dixon, Henrik Schwarz, Marcel Fengler, Konstantin Sibold, Function, Etapp Kyle, Alex.Do, Cinnaman, Elias Mazian, Prunk, and many more will all be doing their thing in high yet relaxed fashion. With an atmosphere of freedom, romantic surroundings, crazy lineup, variety of different styles to dance to, and fresh summer air – All We Want Festival is surely something to look forward to come July.


1-4 July | All We Want Festival | Tickets | Goch, Germany