Entrée Presents is a series where musicians are able to explore the grey area between electronic and acoustic music.

In offering a famed stage to artists across genre, Entrée Presents aims to aid in the rise of electronic music as a full-fledged concert genre. On Friday, 15 June, Entrée Presents brings two very special live acts to Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw as Entrée Presents features Isis & Mozes and Lövestad. Isis & Mozes is an exciting new project that debuts live at Entrée Presents. The duo is made up of Amsterdam dance music veteran DJ Isis who combines talents with 18-year-old producer and multi-instrumentalist Mozes where melodic deep house productions melt alongside the sounds of singer Laura Sestri and percussionist Joshua Samson. DJ Isis will also be performing a special DJ Set on the evening to close the evening.

Alongside Isis & Mozes will be Lövestad. Not a stranger to DHA, Lövestad have impressed audiences at multiple festivals, clubs, and event spaces since their Breakthrough Panoramabar performance. The duo’s energetic performances, where melodic house is interlaced with live funk and disco grooves, should stand as a great accompaniment to Isis & Mozes’ world spanning atmosphere.

Check out Isis & Mozes Concertgebouw sessions below for a taste of what to expect, and also check out Lövestad behind the scenes as they prepare their set for the event. Find all the remaining information and tickets at the links below

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