He is undoubtedly one of the most prolific, enigmatic electronic music producers out there, and has been described as one of the most inventive and influential figures in contemporary dance music. Not that England’s Richard David James, aka Aphex Twin, would ever admit that. He usually lets his versatile and genre-defying music do the talking and has kept a low profile since he released his last official album ‘Drukqs’ back in 2001 and the recent news that his unreleased ‘Caustic Window’ could be streamed for free.


Until now, that is. Because last weekend a blimp was spotted flying over east London carrying his logo and signature green colour together with the year ‘2014’ described on the other side. Concurrently, Aphex Twin logos were anonymously sent to Radio City Music Hall in New York.

Deep web

As speculation instantly broke loose on social media, a new hint was given not long thereafter when a mysterious website was launched bearing nothing more than his logo and random website information. It was soon found out by Stereogum, however, that when you entered the website via the deep web, one could actually unlock the album title, track list and the label where the LP shall be released on: Aphex’ second home Warp Records.

aphex twinMore info (and hopefully a preview of the album) will surely hit the web soon, so stay tuned.

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