Due to the current weather conditions in and around Amsterdam, we are very sorry for the visitors of and organizations behind festivals like Welcome To The Future, Puur Festival and Live On Stage for having to cancel their entire event. Festivals like Lost & Sound, Klamme Handjes and Stekker found other solutions than canceling their event.

Having taken precautionary measures at the onset of today’s weather report, it seems as though nature has prevailed and forced WTTF, Live on Stage and Puur in making the difficult decision to cancel their event. With consistent rain, cool temperatures, and strong winds anticipated as lasting throughout the day, it is always with patron safety in mind such decisions are made. No doubt the festivals and the local authorities did whatever possible to keep the events but the decision seems to be the correct one. The events have offered refunds as well as its sincerest apologies.

Lost & Sound, Klamme Handjes and Stekker moved their opening time till later today and Lost & Sound even moved the whole festival to three nearby venues, so the fun can still continue.

Our thoughts go out to the event organizations that worked so hard for months to finally come to this point and then having to cancel the entire event. Some brave decisions have been made and safety for the visitors were always on the first place. We’re proud of our dutch festival organizers for taking these wise decisions.

You can read below the official statement from WTTF, which appeared on their FB page at roughly 11am this morning.

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