Coming our of Berlin, a new wearable technology meant to enhance the tactile effects of bass, has been released.

Dubbed BASSLET, the bracelet like gadget is meant to recreate the physical effects of bass that headphones and speaker systems cannot. Essentially, users would plug the device into their music players. Mounted on the bracelet is a proprietary engine that sends frequencies as low as 10hz into your wrist.

The company behind basslet, founded by ex Ableton and Native Instruments employees, aims the product past audiophiles, however. Also in their sites are gamers, VR users, and casual music fans. Endorsed by Ableton and Spotify, the device is scheduled for shipping in December.

With its sensitivity and low latency operation, Basslet should be able to aid musicians in monitoring their music at low volumes without sacrificing their perception of bass content. With that, I’m interested to see what this kind of technology can do for hearing impaired audio artists.

You can find more information and support Basslet on Kickstarter HERE