With the recent deaths at Buenos Aires’ Time Warp festival, the Argentine capital is putting a temporary ban on all music festival’s effective immediately.

5 death and 4 others landed in critical condition during 15 April Time Warp festival, each attributed to drug overdoses. With that, the city’s mayor Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, says it will stop issuing permits for big electronic music festivals until new legislation relating to drug use is formed.

Aside from the drug overdoses, patrons also complained that the festival was over sold, while also providing poor ventilation. Since, five people have been arrested.

UPDATE: As of 29 April, an Argentine judge has implemented new restrictions on Buenos Aires nightlife, instituting a ban on “commercial dancing with live or recorded music”. As dance is a cultural staple of the country, certain institutions will be exempt including tango milongas and dance get-togethers held at cultural centers. It is also still unclear how the city plans on enforcing the nightlife ban, with many club owners stating they will not follow the orders.

Source: Guardian