No this not a weird joke. But ‘And Vinyly’, a UK-based company, does have pretty morbid business model: pressing actual vinyl records that holds the ashes of your loved on.

“Live on from beyond the groove”

And Vinyly’s home page says the company offers “the chance to press your ashes in a vinyl recording your loved ones will cherish for generations.” Clients can press records from the ashes of “people, pets and parts”. Although we’re not sure what they mean with ‘parts’ here, it’s evident that And Vinyly takes its job seriously and have come up with a range of different options and packages to suit the needs and wishes of different clients.

The basic package includes up to 30 vinyl records made partially out of your ashes, standard artwork with your name, date of birth and date of death on cover and labels. You yourself must supply the company with the audio you want on the records presses with your remains in them. And Vinyly’s website gives you different tips for your personal audio selection: “This can be music, vocal recording or complete silence to let loved ones hear your pops & crackles.” The price for the basic package comes at roughly €4300,-. Not exactly a cheap alternative to a funeral.

Extra options include a portrait of you on the cover that you can have painted by the company’s different artists, sonic templates to “spice up your vocal recording”

Got a loved one of your own that you would like to eternalize in a record? Then check out their website here.

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