For our latest instalment in The Boom Room mix series we’re happy to feature a guy that has music in his DNA. Not only is he a DJ and a producer who knows his way around a lot of different instruments, but also a formidable singer and rapper. His name is Navid Izadi and one of his greatest traits is the fact that he posseses wisdom and natural flair far beyond his years.

The funk is embedded deeply in the soul of this born performer; he commands the stage with charisma, contagious energy and overwhelming presence, channelling the spirits of his idols while presenting a contemporary take on forms of music that speak to your very soul. We’re talking true funk, soul, disco, hip-hop, music from the heart, from the streets, from real people with real emotions – intertwined with the analogue power of synthesizers and modern-day software, which take the sound into the future…

As a member of the Crew Love entourage, this former San Francisco club kid has flourished, taking full charge of his dynamic live show and presenting it to audiences all over the world, from Tokyo to Colombia, to London, San Francisco, Milan, Montreal, and everywhere in between. His touring has been extensive to say the least, and each experience has fed back into both his live set – which improves and evolves with every new performance – and his studio experimentations. Together with this, the visual aspect of his performances is also crucial to Navid’s output; exotic headdresses, flamboyant outfits, crowd interaction, rigorous dance moves, infectious energy and rousing vocals delivered in tandem with the dopest rhythms.

Rolling as a DJ, singer, rapper, and producer of music that effortlessly weaves between influences, you’re never quite sure what to expect from Navid. Aside from collaborations with the likes of Psychemagik, Deniz Kurtel, Soul Clap and PillowTalk, Navid has also handled remix duties for artists like Miguel Migs, Midnight Magic, Pezzner, No Regular Play, Wolf + Lamb and more. Last year also saw the artist pick up the coveted Essential New Tune award on Pete Tong’s Radio 1 show, when Heidi selected ‘Feelin’ Purple (Soul Clap Remix)’ as her choice during a cover show.

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