Apollonia released their debut artist album “Tour a Tour” in the end of October 2014. That’s probably one of the most exciting moments for every artist. How long did you work on that album?

We all worked on this album last winter. We all moved to Berlin and we worked at Shonky’s studio. It was a great time and a great process. We did everything together and we think that’s very important for the creative process as well and the synergy between us. From going to the gym to having dinner together we completed the process successfully together. ‘Tour à Tour’ is an album that flows with rhythms and grooves, from the deep and early moments, to the peak time and after moments, it is made for the dancefloor first and foremost, but also for listening from the pleasure of your own home.

Did you encounter any difficulties along the way?

No, we didn’t have any difficulties along the way, probably because of our approach to it.

Now it’s time for a worldwide album tour. How is that going so far?

The tour is amazing. A bit heavy with all the travelling though but very nice. All the parties are great, we are having a lot of fun we meet a lot of people and the best thing about it is that we are together. It is a fact that there is this loneliness after a gig, you don’t really have somebody to share your emotions with, but this is exactly what we don’t have because we are one. It’s really cool to be able to share this with your best friends.

Tell us a funny story from the tour or something interesting that happened so far.

Actually so many things happen that it is difficult to chose one. But here is an interesting fact. Before a gig we usually gather together and watch a movie right before we go to the party. It is really a great way to relax your mind and forget that you are tired and continue having fun and making crazy parties.

The new year for you started in Mexico with the BPM festival. How was the experience in a nutshell?

The BPM festival is one of our favourite! It’s a great time with many good DJs, great vibes and great weather! Our show this year which was part of our album tour as well was very good, we loved every minute it. We played with Guy Gerber too and that was really different and great party.

What are your highlights from the BPM festival?

Our highlight definitely was Seth Troxler’s b2b set with D’julz. Plus our pop up bloc party in Play Del Carmen which we held in a random taco place!

How did you come up with the idea for a pop up party in a taco shop?

Actually we didn’t. It was BPM’s idea for this pop up event, but we really enjoyed taking on this. It was cool to see how in just one hour a 1000 people were dancing to our music, party people, families with children, everybody.

Pop up events seem to be gaining more and more respect, have you considered organizing these more often?

We have been doing private pop ups or playing at private houses in Ibiza for quite some time now, but this organized type of pop up not so much. Before it was more difficult to do it because of authorities mostly, but now as you said it’s gaining more respect and maybe we will think about that in the future. Why not?

HYTE is organizing a solid 1 month techno festival in Amsterdam’s legendary Elementenstraat Warehouse. Having been part of HYTE in Barcelona, what do you think of this concept?

HYTE is a great concept mostly because of the way they build their line ups. We really think that the artists that they invite to events are great and the parties always turn out special.

Indeed, HYTE gather the best of the international underground scene and backs it up with the best of the underground local acts.

To have local acts involved in a party like that is very important and nice for the audience as well. It is always an interesting combination.

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