“Europe still reigns. America is learning though. Rapidly.”

Curses is the late-night moniker of renowned producer Luca Venezia. Infusing dark House & Techno influences with ambient and cinematic soundscapes, Curses makes music that works in all settings and transcends genres. Residing in his studio for some time, Curses returned to the spotlight in full force during the Summer of 2013 with breakout single ‘So Good’ released on Marble Recordings. Heavily supported on radio, online and in club, helping establish Curses’ reputation both locally as internationally.

By spring 2014 Curses was in demand. With a residency at Brooklyn’s Verboten nightclub and back to back EP’s on two of New York’s finest underground House and Techno labels – Throne Of Blood & Let’s Play House – Curses was armed with the perfect tools to take on the road for a busy summer of festival and club shows. Support online from the likes Resident Advisor & XLR8R was matched in the clubs with everyone from Heidi to Digweed to Skream supporting the tracks in their sets.

Curses & DKDS – Trouble Feat.SYF (Original Mix)

With a new EP lined up we decided to catch up with the NY star to talk about these and other plans, the state of the American dance scene,

Luca, Drop the Lime, Curses – seems like there are a couple of people living in one body. How do you all live in peace?
Who’s Drop the Lime? This is Curses speaking.

Three alternate aliases, three different performers and yet united in one. How do you manage the transformation in sound while working on each project?
I push for one to live while the others sleep. These current nights, I am Curses in the dark and light.

The New Gotham House was created and pioneered by you. How did you come up with the idea? What is behind it, and why Gotham?
I actually didnt, someone else called me this ha, I don’t like to label anything. Id rather embrace gotham for gotham. Whatever I make (House, Techno, Ambient), Im constantly influenced by New York City’s energy. Born and raised there, I am constantly inspired by the architecture, people, and nocturnal vibrance of the city.

curses interview 1

You are a resident at the Verboten club in NYC. Did you choose the club or did the club choose you?
We chose each other. The sense of family is kinetic with them.

In previous interviews you have mentioned that there was a time when you have been playing at many after hours warehouse parties in Brooklyn, and it was then when you realized that house is dominating and you should do something about it. Do the after hours and the dirty, underground warehouse awaken your creativity or somehow influence this process?
I owe the return of Curses to these afterhours. The sense of freedom, the explosive embrace of underground techno and house is never ending. I was feeling disenchanted at one point with music, and these afterhours awoke something fresh and new in me.

In the beginning of 2014 you undertook a new project – the label Safer at Night. A label itself is not a new concept to you, but this one is definitely different. Can you tell us more about it?
I have always been moved by darker cinematic soundscapes. I made songs for myself with this vibe, but never shared them with the world. I soon reached a place emotionally, where it felt right to share these songs. With SAN, we encourage each artist to be challenged and follow the formula of 2 club friendly track and one beat-less, invoking cinematic and moodier compositions. I have never been more inspired by new artists than I am by who were releasing. Its a very exciting label for all involved (Total Fitness, Cranks, DKDS…)

Speaking of new projects, this month there is a new EP release from you and DKDS. What can we expect in that EP? The typical Curses touch or a new side of Curses we haven’t heard before?
The typical dark moody basslines and late-night arpeggios are all there – but this time with the silk vocals of Starving Yet Full. Probably as close to pop as Curses can get.

curses interview 3
How would you compare the club scene in America to the one in Europe from both – an artist and a visitor’s point of view
Europe still reigns. America is learning though. Rapidly. A lot of people seems to be moving away from the aggressive EDM sounds and finally falling in love with the deeper and more soulful sounds me and many other American DJ’s are playing.

In relation to my previous question, what do you think is the future of clubbing in the USA, and of yourself being a part of it?
More soulful vibes. Melodies. Getting lost in the sound and finding yourself, rather than throwing your hands in the air and pulling invisible gun triggers to the beat. I feel blessed to be a part of it.

Do you think that living in a city like New York that’s constantly evolving correlates somehow with your artistic evolution?
I am addicted to NYC’s attitude and energy. Everything I create is eventually related to its influence on me. The evolution is inevitable, change is healthy.

What kind of books do you like?
The absurd, fiction, and intense. Authors like Bulgakov, Henry Miller, Bret Easton Ellis, Kafka.

curses interview 2

What can’t you live without?
Friends and Family.

What would you change about yourself if you could?
Sleep more.

What are your plans for the coming up year?
I have many EP’s I’m working on as well as a Curses Full length, so my touring schedule is looking very busy. More and more time will be spent in Europe though, bringing the Gotham sound across the pond.

The new single from Curses & DKDS Feat. SYF is out now on Ultra Music (grab it here).

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