One of House music’s true pioneers, DJ Sneak has the passion and drive to keep House music alive.

Self-proclaimed House Gangster, Sneak has helped shape the course of dance music since the early 90s; his early music influencing the likes of Daft Punk, Basement Jaxx and Armand Van Helden.

His signature sounds – funky filtered disco-influenced house and tough, jacking beats – have revolutionized and redefined house music for well over 15 years.

Having begun his DJ’ing career in 1983, Sneak continues to be at the top of his game: non stop beat bumpin’ sets are a one of a kind experience in the electronic music circuit and a barrage of top quality releases over the last 20 years have culminated and just keep on coming.

Anticipating his performance at Welcome to the Future on 25 July, DJ Sneak does not hold back in this open, honest conversation.  Also included here is Sneak and I’m A House Gangster’s brand new video (the first in their mini documentary series), that documents the past year’s highlights on the White Isle and showcases the REAL house gangster life.

Shot over one week in Ibiza the mini-doc captures Sneak performing at the INSANE pre-party at Café Mambo and the INSANE night at Pacha Ibiza as well as alongside Pete Tong @ Ushuaia as part of the new ‘This is Hard Rock Hotel’ gig series, which had DJ Sneak accompanying Snoop Dogg at his memorable performance.

“I have nothing to lose, I have outlasted all the bullshit and I’m still here to fight another day”.

How does House Music still challenge and inspire you after so many years in the game?
Great question, House Music has been in my soul for so long that I cannot do anything else in my life without it being a part of what makes me happy, I love making it, I love playing it and I love spreading the gospel about it. Many times I feel like the challenge itself is to stay true and real to the music, even if I cannot get inspired by what’s going on these days I can always go back to my records and listen to them with love and get that inspiration I need to continue. Vinyl Warrior forever!

Can you describe your studio setup? What is your home studio like and how does it compare with your traveling studio?
I do not have a traveling studio, everything is made in my home studio. When I need to elevate production I have my connects to get to them big sound rooms if need be. No laptop producing for me.

Aside from electronic, what kind of music do you listen to?
I listen to Hip Hop (Snoop, Action Bronson, Kendrick Lamar) to mention a few. I also love a lot of other music, classic rock, funk, soul, salsa etc. This beautiful stuff helps me clear my head.

What makes a proper “I’m a House Gangster” track? What elements do you look for in potential signees?
Originality, hard stompin’ beats and grooves with balls! None of this new age soft elevator electronic shit…

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