Having seen guys like Daft Punk and Basement Jaxx (amongst a slew of others) breaking through in the “mainstream” was the temptation ever there for you to do the same?
Not really, it has never been my cup of tea to be so large that I cannot enjoy what I’m doing, I can still walk where I want, do as I please, explore and experience things on so many levels. I’ve always stayed street level with everybody cause at the end of the day were just playing recorded music, not like a full rock band… I have written music and songs for some of these acts mentioned, I live thru them and collect in the back end.

Speaking of them: you’ve written the lyrics of Digital Love, do you still write lyrics?
All day when I’m inspired, its easier now with the iphone cause it seems to be glued to my hand so I make good use of it by writing ideas and even voice recordings of ideas.

I read an old RA interview where you stated that house’s heroes of old were getting overlooked, but with house seemingly growing bigger in global popularity by the year, even guys like MK are scoring chart topping tracks. What do you think of this direction house is moving?
House is going where it always goes ~ everywhere and when people get tired of the trends they usually all return to it because it’s the most fun, the most original form of Dance music and it will outlast all the trends to come. People leave but they always come back.

You have had a prominent place in social media, with an unfiltered presence including, what some could call, “feuds” with other artists via the platforms. How has social media advanced the electronic music scene? How has it diminished it?

I’m only controversial cause I’m real about how I do things and run my business, most people are afraid to say anything cause they think it would be over for them and their agendas. I have nothing to loose, I have outlasted all the bullshit and I’m still here to fight another day. Social media is a curse, a cancer, a hub for insecure people who often criticize others cause they have a laptop and accounts that allow them to comment without walking in people shoes. I despise it but without it it’s like you don’t exist. I use it to say what I want, that’s just me, that’s how I’ve always been and if I have to say it to peoples faces, which I have, I don’t back down, a man is a man in flesh.

Do you think EDM might be a gateway to awareness of a more underground-oriented music?
Some people want you to believe that fairy tale, but was EDM responsible for the last 40 years of Dance Music? Was EDM in Chicago & Detroit making House music and Techno when all the greatest tracks were produced? > NO! It wasn’t and it will be soon remembered as the Fake years, the years of mockery of Dance music.

You’re playing at Welcome To The Future July 25th, who are some of the breakthrough artists you would like to see as the future of house music?
I’m not yet sure who else is performing so I cannot give you an honest answer here. I’d love to see anybody that is fresh! Someone who is challenging themselves and creating a feeling you will take with you after the festival is over.

What are some of your favourite Amsterdam-related memories? These can be personal or professional…(that you’re willing to share, of course)
I love Holland in general, the food is great, the people are nice, the flowers are great including the ones you can roll up and smoke! Hahah! In general Amsterdam is great place to get inspired by the purest form of just being alive and there to experience it.

You’re also sharing the bill with Seth Troxler. Even though you and him don’t always seem to see eye to eye, when I read about his manifesto about the importance of being authentic and being part of a legacy it kind of reminds me in a way of how you stand up for house music. What are your thoughts?
I’m not going to bash Seth, we have come to an agreement to let each other be… I will say this, these interviews and manifestos are a far cry for people like him, in my eyes he is part of all the same things he often criticizes. It’s trendy to disrespect the same circles they all hang in, I would love to see some realness one day, I believe there are better candidates from Detroit or Chicago to represent the authenticity of the Legacy of House Music.

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