Ibiza is a place that creates and fulfills dreams – for some. It is a place that many see as a mythical spot in the Mediterranean with godly women dancing in bikinis on beaches, world-class DJs playing in the famous Balearic clubs, the beautiful views when moving away form the touristic areas and so on. When you ask Google what the magic of Ibiza is, the variety of hits you get is speaking for the answer. This ‘magic’ is an often talked about and popular subject. So what exactly is it, then?

Vice shot a 30-minute Ibiza documentary trying to find an answer to that question. Clive Martin, known for his pretty funny video critiques of music genres, observes that the island has many faces and that it offers a spot to fulfill everyone’s needs, desires and lifestyle. That these preferences are different for some is a reality that you could only expect. What is sure is that Clive Martin has definitely seen the best and the worst of Ibiza, as Carl Cox will surely agree..

His conclusion? See for yourself:

 Source: Vice/Thump