STUDIO BARNHUS INTERVIEW (Axel Boman, Kornel Kovacs & Petter Nordkvist)
Studio Barnhus
, a collaboration between 3 very talented individuals making music with their own distinctive style. This was expressed in both a label as a dj trio, and no not in a sexual way, just three dj’s playing together… with music. We had the honor to interview them and what was interesting was their short answers to our questions. They later explained: ‘Some things are more beautiful if they are left unexplained.’ And maybe they are right, leaving something open for the imagination.

– How did you guys meet and at what point did you decide to go for it?
We met at Morfar Ginko, our local drinkeria on Swedenborg Street here in Stockholm, not far from the Fatburen area. We decided to go for it right away.

– So you guys never met before and then just decided to go for it as there was such a good connection?
Yeah, pretty much.

– And who’s idea was it to start the label in the first place? And where does the name ‘Studio Barnhus’ come from?
We just wanted to put out one record, try to do it ourselves. Super easy going! Then Shakarchi & Stranéus sent us some new stuff of theirs (never forget the moment we first played “Liseberg” here in the studio) and that turned into our second release. Now we had a label going. The name of the label comes from the name of the studio: Studio Barnhus. The name of the studio is a reference to two things: 1. It being a music studio. 2. It being located on Barnhusgatan, Orphanage Street, in Stockholm.

– When I listen to the releases from the label I hear Deep House, Disco, Electronica, experimental sounds and progressive influences. How would you guys describe the style from the label, if you even want to put a name to it?
We try to keep three pairs eyes open for timeless beauty and real life stories.

– And what is the message Studio Barnhus wants to express to their listeners?
Share the groove – don’t share the needle.

– I can imagine that running a Record Label is hard work, but besides running the label you also have careers as solo artists, how do you guys combine these two things and how are the tasks divided?
Well, if we look at the Myers-Briggs personality types, Kornél is an ENTP, Petter is INFP and Axel is INTP. So, you can understand how things do – and do not – work.

– A question for Petter; your track “Some Polyphony “ on Border Community was a great success and reached many people all around the world, what did you feel getting so much attention?
Petter: It felt good!

– Mr. Axel Boman, your breakthrough was the EP ‘Holy Love’ that you made for Pampa Records. The track ‘Purple Drank’ became a huge hit and from that moment a lot of things changed, what was the biggest change for you?
Axel: This happened around the same time that I graduated from art school and met the love of my life. It was nice to get to work right away after school!

– Last but not least, Kornel Kovacs, your debut release for Studio Barnhus with Baby Step, which was also the first release for the label was also quite a hit. What was for you the moment you noticed there was a change in how people looked at you and the recognition you got for the music you made?
Kornel: When I heard that Carlos Valdes played Baby Step, I knew I had done something right with my life.

– The three of you guys are successful individually, together in the collaboration and also with the label. Was this always a dream for you guys? And for all three individually, with which of the three accomplishments are you most satisfied and to what part would you like to give some more attention?
Yes, this is the dream, to create magic on the reg together with your best friends. We would like to draw more attention to out dj trio. Come check us out this summer. Think of us as the thinking man’s 2ManyDJs.

– Studio Barnhus is full of various artists. Is there an artist in particular that you haven’t signed on the label yet but would really want to have on Studio Barnhus?




Next to the interview they also made a fresh podcast for us as a warm up for coming sunday at Vrijland Festival. The tracklist will be added after 8000 plays. Hope you enjoy it! <3