Easter weekend is coming closer, and that means that DGTL is as well. Be there when some of the most acknowledged organizations in the industry will send their finest underground electronica soldiers into the battlefields at the NDSM Docklands. Armed with some of the most contagious weapons of mass eruption, the artists are equipped to come, see and conquer – not only your oozy auditory canals, but also that hidden place in your brain where you store the most exceptional memories. Located on the waterfront of the city harbour, DGTL Festival has chosen the perfect site to kick off the Dutch outdoor festival season, with two days of festival madness, six stages endowed with explosive sound systems, 81 invited top-notch artists and over twelve thousand (online) thrill-anticipating attendees.

In our “DGTL Stages” series, we will each week provide a recommending outlook on the different stages at DGTL festival 2014. Last week we took a look at what the two Digital stages had to offer. This week we will shift our focus on the torero DJ’s from the red bull stages:

Red bull Stage, Saturday 19th of April:
Get yourself ready for the big red bull show-down in the red ring, when DJs from all over Europe are about to chase down the bull for you. Midland, ever-buzzing MVP of house scene will be one of the bigger attractions this day. Also UK based Oneman who almost single-handedly reinvented old school garage by recontextualising 2 step garage into dubstep, grime, funky, ‘wonky’ and beyond, won’t go easy on the bull either. And also Shadow Child, who has turned down an exciting path with underground bass-led grooves, is not coming to spare the visitors of this flaming hot stage. However, you can take it down a notch with Axel Boman, who will treat you to some deep and soothing tunes. Medlar from South London, who has honed a reputation for creating a distinctly warm, funk infused strain of house music, will follow that same smooth course with their mellow fuse of soul music and hip-hop.


Red bull Stage, Sunday 20th of April:
UK based Skream will wake up the bull again on Sunday with his bold, colourful trip through sunny disco and more aggressive UK sounds. Bulgaria’s greatest export product Kink will startle up the bull with his raw, analog grooves that will put you into trance. UK based Floating Points will further beguile the bull with their signature style, combining deep house, soul, hip-hop and jazzy textures into dubby, undulating joints characterised by a hypnotic sense of movement. Gerd, Rotterdam breakthrough act, will tighten up that noose with his dreamy, melodic breakbeat techno of his Sensurreal work, though perhaps with a deeper engagement of funk and touches of hip-hop. So who is eventually going to ride the bull into some uptempo craziness in the course of the day? Jameszoo could be the ones, their music was described as “choking a squirrel with a bowling ball as piercingly pitched gasps duel with haphazard kick drums.” But who is this determent looking torero walking through the fog into the bull ring? It’s Huxley! Raised on a diet of UK & US Garage, House and early rave music, he could eventually bring the bull to its knees, and the crowd into ecstasy. If you want to know how the story ends, you should come and check out this epic bull fight for yourself… And have happy DGTL dreams during the nights until then.


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