And how’s everything going at Visionquest? What’s the biggest challenge with running the label these days?

Anything worth doing, especially something that we care about as much as we do this project, is going to come with bumps in the road and we have definitely had our share. However the knowledge that has come from each and every situation is irreplaceable so in the end I wouldn’t change a thing. Seth leaving was definitely not something we ever expected when we started out and was definitely the biggest in those bumps in the road that we have faced but its been over a year now and its clear to see that this move was best for everyone. In our current state we are enjoying a new lease on life and are on a string of releases that I consider to be the best stuff we have put out. If we lost a little bit of hype or following when he left then it may be for the best as it leaves us with those that are following us and the label for the right reasons instead of just the most hyped component.

Do you still get to go record shopping? Or are you a strictly digital man these days?

I did have a “Traktor phase” for a couple of years awhile back but even in that time I never stopped shopping for or even playing a bit of vinyl. These days I’m almost entirely vinyl when I play, lugging around as many bags as my back allows on a particular weekend. I still play a few tunes digitally of course and I’m very happy for the easiness of CDJs with a USB drive. It seems to have gotten a lot of people out of the compute and back into this balance of playing a few vinyls as well.

I believe you’re doing VQ050 – what’s the plan for that one?

Yes VQ 050 is from myself and Italian house maestro Tuccillo and includes a remix from Raum…musik boss Dorian Paic. The EP is called ‘Seclusion‘ and will be out on vinyl April 20th and digitally on May 11.

Did you ever think Visionquest would get to a stage where you released 50 different records?

Yeah, I mean, I try not to think too far ahead generally, at least not more than staying positive about the future. So I didn’t ever picture where we would specifically be at this point or anything like that but yes, definitely we all knew we would get this far and didn’t set out to do anything short of this. We’re just hitting the second act of this great story now as I can see it.

What are you top 3 Visionquest records to date then?

I really love the last one that we put out, from Moreon and Baffa with remixes from Ion Ludwig and Deadbeat. Both originals and both of the remixes are just beautiful, sometimes stomping Dub Techno. I like to say it sounds like basic channel but in a more modern context. Aside from that one I’m really partial to two albums that we have put out. One from Dinky titled ‘Dimension D’ and another from Wareika called ‘Wternal’. Both of these are masterpieces in my most humble opinion. Timeless off center dance music that can be enjoyed anywhere at any time.

And what does the label stand for in your opinion? Is there a general aesthetic that runs through the release?

With three people in full control of signing the music, actually four people until recently and throughout most of our history, its tough to stick with one vein of music or to have an immediately recognizable aesthetic. But when you look at the big picture its there. Something that comes from all of us and meets in the middle through equal involvement and occasional compromise. Further from that, the general concept of the label is a platform used to share music and experiences with old friends and those we continue to pick up along the way. The success and being able to share with so many people is great, but at the core of the whole thing it’s simply about friendship and passing on that vibe and influence that we all share, no matter how big the circus around it has gotten or will ever become.

What have you learned about the music industry since you first became involved?

Oh, a great many things for sure. Some really important lessons and others not so much and even some stuff I wish I didn’t know! The most important one is to stay true to yourself and don’t compromise on your message or whatever you got you into this in the first place. Anyone who abandons those things or chases success and fame too hard is never happy, even when they achieve it all. Only those who can chase these things and still realize that there are also more important things to life truly have everything.

Will you be in Ibiza much this summer? Or what else can we look forward to from you?

I’m already here now, as you read in my answer to your first question. I don’t want to give away too much info about this summer before anything is announced but I can say for now at this year I am consciously not as busy on the island as I have been in the past. I’m more focused on a few key performances, rather than playing every club and party in sight. I am afraid of becoming pigeon holed as an Ibiza DJ, which would be very inconvenient for me considering the music I really prefer to play is not the first type that pops into someones mind when Ibiza is mentioned. Looking forward aside from that, I have a pile of music thats going to be coming out more and more frequently as the year progresses, a lot of amazing gigs all around the world planned and soon we will begin working on something special to mark 5 years of Visionquest in 2016, which is sure to be loads of fun.

 Shaun Reeves @ Toffler

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