Further blurring the lines between analogue and digital (if you’re into that kind of thing) coms TRNTBL.

Developed by the equally consonant-less US record subscription service VNYL, the TRNTBL is a wireless, smart record player meant to play music, identify tracks, and look stylish while doing so. Billed as the first ‘internet of things’ (I’ve heard the term before but, honestly, Im too lazy to research what exactly that means) record player, TRNTBL can identify the vinyl playing in real time and share it on social media or add it to your Spotify stream. Additionally, the wireless component allows TRNTBL to stream music via Bluetooth or AirPlay speakers, as well as any Sonos system.

Shipping in the summer, the item currently retails for $351 but will increase to $420 and is availabe for pre order. The item is available in two color schemes, matte black & gold or soft creme & gold.

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