Having speakers in every room of your apartment or house can be a real struggle, not to mention a complicated struggle in connecting devices. It seems that the people at Sony have also felt this pain, and have come up with a brilliant idea, making your musical life easier and even helping to save energy.

With its LED light bulb LSPX-100E26J (!) complete with Bluetooth speaker, Sonys product looks like a traditional light bulb. It has a standard cap screw and can be installed in the same way as a normal light bulb in ceilings or lamps.

The new bulb comes with an iOS & Android app, which allows the user to control the audio output and EQ of the integrated speaker. A remote will also be included to adjust its volume and brightness. Another feature is the sleep function which can be quite handy in the bedroom. Finally, one huge advantage of the product it saves energy by using one device instead of two. The bulb consumes 9W power.  7W of which will be absorbed by the luminaire and 2W by the speaker.

The light bulb speaker will be available in Japan from May 23rd and will cost (about) 180 Euro, but there is one slight catch as information is unclear whether or not the bulbs will be available outside of Japan.

Source: Gizmag