Some of the most profound gems in a DJ set are often not originals, but personal edits by artists to elevate their sets.

DHA FM kicks off a new Edit Series making some of the best kept DJ-set secrets available as FREE DOWNLOADS.

MUFTI tells us a bit more about his edit of timeless 90’s classic ‘Ási Me Gusta A Mi.

“The tracks I choose to edit are tracks that I like, but I need them to be a bit different for my DJ sets. So I start adding new beats, bass, and few more elements, also change the structure a little, so they can fit better into my playlists.

This one in particular, there are tons of edits of this because it was a huge track in the 90s, but I needed one to go along with my personal style. Hope you like it!”

The new Edit Series launches with this gem by MUFTI, available now as an exclusive FREE DOWNLOAD*


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