Purely constructed with a joint, bottle of wine, and studio full of analog gear, Florinsz Janvier & Lui share their 8-minute island-weaving sonic progression.

Set as their first collaboration together, the track was born through a rare musical match. With Lui (meaning ‘lazy’ in Dutch) transmuting his voice through a vocoder and manning a sampler, and Florinsz controlling the drum variations and synthesizers, the track that forms is one that has the sound of a classic disco-house blend, but carries over the Caribbean themes of Tony Ricardo’s ‘Save A Little Love’. ‘We Used To Go Out’ was recorded indoors during a single live-jam session in the studio, but its a laid-back track made for the sun.

“The first time I played this out was during Next Monday’s Hangover Berlin trip, around 11 in the morning at Ritter Butzke, in the outside area. The sun was in the sky, everybody chilling around us and this track, for me, really became the soundtrack of that getaway. It’s simple, it’s pure, and we had a shitload of fun making it. Happy to share it with the world.”

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