After hitting the number one spot in our favourite release picks for October, you could say that Michael Walsh has got our unconditional attention. His upcoming record ‘Before When It Was New’ carries two originals that just cannot turn into anything less than a future classic. ‘Strobe Light Disco Acid Black’ is, well, exactly what the title says. It’s an almost insane mixture of disco influences, acid sequences and a groove that is so sexy and funky it will make you reach for the repeat button before the track has even finished. Check out the full premiere of the track to see what we mean.

Title track Before When It Was New’s unmistakable melody act is also a signified call to the dance floor while a rumbling bassline underneath keeps you locked into its spell. Remixes come courtesy of label co-boss Maheras as well as Caravan boss and Aus Music stalwart DJ October.

Michael Walsh’ ‘Before When It Was New EP’ is out now on Plastic Love Records.

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