Next up in our premiere series we’re featuring the latest installation from Subjekt, the Amsterdam based underground sister label of Armada Music. It comes in the form of “Purple EP” by French producer N’to, a soulful three-tracker of which we are unveiling the title track.

N’to was born in Marseille in 1985. His love story with music started in his early childhood with his parents’ icons. He started learning to play the guitar when he was ten years old and has never given up making music since then.

Influenced by minimal and techno artists such as James Holden, Extrawelt and Stephan Bodzin, his electronic working is recognisable by his use of smooth melodies surrounded by efficient minimalistic rhythms.

70s rock, 30s swing, hiphop, triphop, pop, jazz, soul, classical music are as many shades N’to can use to colour his tracks. He has been able to create a distinctive, “pointillist” sound that already makes him a key player on the French techno market.

Creating the Hungry Music imprint alongside with his friends Worakls and Joachim Pastor is a chance for him to let his imagination and musical eclecticism flow freely so that he continuously reinvents himself. That’s how his latest project, N’to Live Perc, illustrates his knack for blurring the borders between electronic and acoustic.

Find the EP on Spotify here

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